All-new X Rocker® Allure Pedestal

The brand new X Rocker® Allure is designed with an attractive black and white polyurethane seating surface, gunstock arms, and a pedestal to elevate you to the next level. The wireless user panel gives you complete control over the chair’s 2.1 Wireless audio and vibration capabilities, allowing you to connect to almost any audio device.

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X Rocker® Allure 2.1 Wireless Pedestal

  • 2.1 Wireless Audio
  • Ergonomic Seating Position
  • Wireless
  • Fixed Arm Rests
  • Vibration
  • Simple Control Panel
  • Pedestal
  • Easy-Clean Seating Surface

Approximate dimensions: L 32″ x W 26.2″ x H 40″ Color: Black and White

Electronics General Compatibility: Gaming Systems, TV, CD Players, DVD Players, BluRay™ Players, Phones, Tablets

Electronics Model Capability: PSP Vita™, PS2™, PS3™, Wii U™, Xbox 360™, Nintendo 3DS, IPOD™, IPAD™, IPhone™, MP3 Players, TV, CD, DVD, BluRay™ and most gaming devices

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