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What is an X Rocker® sound gaming chair?

The original, state-of-the-art sound gaming chair that’s redefined home entertainment since 2005. X Rocker’s innovative, groundbreaking line of sound chairs bring an unparalleled level of comfort, entertainment and interactivity to games, movies, music and more. X Rocker’s hi-fidelity Audio Frequency Modulation (AFM) technology creates an unmatched, fully immersive experience that puts you at the center of it all!

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Why X Rocker® Gaming Chairs?

Exclusive AFM Technology

What is AFM technology, you ask? Audio Force Modulation incorporates speakers and ported power subwoofers and uses the open space inside the X Rocker® – not just the frame – to magnify sound quality. AFM creates vibrational audio that intensifies every experience. We’re talking amped-up, full-sensory, rock-out experience, whether you’re listening to music, watching a movie, or playing your favorite game. Believe us, you’ll feel it.

X Rocker speaker grill
photo of guys playing video games in X Rocker sound gaming chair

Premium Sound Systems

This unique, full-bodied sound system chair offers you complete media immersion and has been carefully designed to amplify sound, improve sound quality, and enhance your experience. The 2.1 sound system includes two built-in speakers and a ported powered subwoofer for a multi-sensory experience.

Easily Connects to most Media

X Rocker® Gaming Chairs seamlessly connects to most popular media devices, including iPods®, Playstation®, Wii®, Xbox®, PSP®, laptops and more!
bedroom with X Rocker sound gaming chair, laptop

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Become a part of the X Rocker Nation!

Become a part of the X Rocker Nation!

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