• X Rocker Pro Series

    For Serious Gamers Only!

    X Rocker Pro Series Chairs… Premium Sound System with AFM Technology, full rocking motion and gun-stock arms.

  • Multi Function Game Chair

    Multi Function Gaming

      It’s an Ottoman! Store your games in the seat. And with a flip – it becomes a X Rocker 2.1 Sound Chair!

What is an X Rocker?

An innovative line of multi-functional furniture with built-in technologies that accentuate the entertainment aspects of gaming, music, DVDs, and more. Our AFM technology allows you to feel and hear the enemy!

Where to find the latest X Rockers…

You can find X Rockers in all major retailers and lots of online shops.  Click here to find a retailer!

Support and Manuals

X Rocker is there for you.  Find manuals or contact our customer support!